Organic Saffron

Our Organic Saffron is the result of organic farming on our own fields. Soil productivitiy is maintained and pests are controlled without making use of manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, or bulb growing regulators (i.e. hormones). In order to produce a premium saffron we have invested in organically managed farmland. In this way we can produce and offer you this home grown exclusive spice today!

Why Organic?

Often saffron is chemically treated with substances that are harmful for our health. Majestic Spices and its organic agriculture creates a natural production system of sustaining the health of the soil, its surrounding ecosystem, and its people. We adapt to the climate cycles and local conditions and are relying fully on the ecological processes. Any other manufactured input can have an adverse effect on health and environment. Majestic Spices Organic Saffron is among the purest premium saffron available today.